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23 hours ago

Does anyone know what the stakes in the yards of houses in the two cul-de-sacs at the end of 9th Rd are for? Obviously it’s related to the new neighborhood complex, Tara Greens, but are they planning on digging there or something? Thanks. ...

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4 days ago

Good evening homeowners. I would like to bring it to all Strawberry Field Owners attention that any changes to the exterior of the home such as painting, erecting a fence, changing a fence, etc. must be approved through the architectural review board. Thank you so much for your time and understanding in this matter. ...

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2 weeks ago

I understand that dogs will have to poop on walks. When that happens please pick up the dog poop with the bags that are provided just outside my yard. Please come and retrieve your dogs excrement.

Dog poop
Dog poop #caughtonNestCam

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5 days ago

Our dog got out of the gate this morning. We don't know where he went off to, but we found him back in our front yard when we went out to retrieve him. However, he seems to have brought back a black Nike shoe with a white sole. If you are missing yours, I have left it by the sidewalk for easy retrieval. ...

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1 week ago

Anyone having At&t internet issues? ...

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