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2 weeks ago

Is anybody else having really bad internet connection with Cox right now? ours is abysmal. Has the AT&T worked any better ? I know there's more internet traffic right now and that is a factor. ...

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4 weeks ago

Hey all, did anybody get a parcel locker key and it wasnt their package? I had a package that was supposed to have been delivered on the 1st. It says delivered based on the tracking number but I didnt get a key. Thanks in advance!! We are 14274 NW 9th (the yellow house). ...

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1 month ago

Does anyone know what the stakes in the yards of houses in the two cul-de-sacs at the end of 9th Rd are for? Obviously it’s related to the new neighborhood complex, Tara Greens, but are they planning on digging there or something? Thanks. ...

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2 months ago

Good evening homeowners. I would like to bring it to all Strawberry Field Owners attention that any changes to the exterior of the home such as painting, erecting a fence, changing a fence, etc. must be approved through the architectural review board. Thank you so much for your time and understanding in this matter. ...

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